Marcomanni (Empire Divided)

  • Terrors of the Night: Can always choose to fight night battles
  • Looters & Raiders: +150% income from raiding and sacking


The Marcomanni were a strong Germanic tribe that formed a confederation with surrounding peoples such as the Quadi, Vandals and Sarmatians. They were a menace to Rome for centuries, resulting in their northern border becoming one of the most heavily guarded regions, with as many as half the total number of Legions stationed along the Danube and Rhine rivers. As Rome’s power declined and the great Empire splintered into three factions, the northern provinces were left with little or no protection, making them an easy target and a stepping stone for the rise of a powerful Marcomanni kingdom.


  • Tribal Conquerors: +20% morale for all units during battles against barbarian tribes
  • Ambushers: +50% chance of successfully launching an ambush
Starting Region(s)